2.1.4 Schedule to the ISDA Master Agreement

This part of the Guide consists of:

  • "Parties";
  • "Part 1 - Termination provisions";
  • "Part 2 - Tax representations";
  • "Part 3 - Agreement to Deliver Documents";
  • "Part 4 - Miscellaneous";
  • "Part 5 - Other clauses - with commentary - recommended";
  • "Part 5 - Other clauses - with commentary - optional"; and
  • - Part 5 - Other clauses - without commentary".

By agreeing to provisions in the Schedule to the ISDA Master Agreement, the parties are able to determine the particular terms and conditions that will apply to each Transaction entered into by the counterparties to which that ISDA Master Agreement applies. The counterparties may determine to vary these provisions by either expressly excluding a term contained in the Schedule, or by incorporating an inconsistent term, in the Confirmation. 

The 2002 ISDA Master Agreement available from ISDA (www.isda.org) contains an uncompleted Schedule.

This part of the Guide gives guidance on completing the Schedule.

Care! Issues relating to the creditworthiness of participants have not been considered other than as set out in 4.6 "Collateral".  Any participant in the financial markets using the ISDA Master Agreement or any other master agreement must separately consider whether it should be amended to reflect the creditworthiness of the other participant.

Last Update Date 28 Jun 2011